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Trends 2022

These global trends can give you inspiration to adapt your business and stay relevant to today's consumers.


Our manifesto

At Agrícola Redil we are known for being people who love and value life, this is why our families are united by one purpose and that is to find our way to happiness. We are talented, open to change, to learning and to innovation. We have a mission and it is to be leaders in the production and commercialization of flowers with excellent quality and to achieve this we are convinced about the importance of maintaining the balance of human talent, our work, personal and professional projects.


We think and act in line with continuous improvement, for this reason we are committed to our objectives and processes, we believe in and carry out actions focused on the sustainability framework through the well-being of our environment, our path to happiness and economic growth.


Our purpose

Develop innovative and responsible solutions that take into account at all times the impact on the planet and the actions of our committed team, and thus be national leaders in the export of high quality products.

Our values

We are respectful with all living beings with whom we interact, we strive for inclusion and social equity, we know about the positive impact that we can create and maintain from our homes, being ambassadors everywhere, be it the workplace, the sector and the whole world. We are passionate about what we do, we act honestly and innovatively, as we understand that ethics and transparency are vital to human relationships. 


Organizational competencies

People development

We accompany our collaborators

in the process of adaptation and execution of challenges.

Customer service

We identify and anticipate the needs of our clients.

Result Orientation

We are ethically and responsibly focused on the achievement of objectives.


We participate, cooperate and share information, supporting team decision making.





We seek to generate greater sustainability in our actions across the board. For this reason, it is important that both those actors with whom we work and our brand are recognized when doing so.

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We are a company with more than 450 collaborators and 30 years of experience in the production of Standard and Spray Roses. 

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